Lorne Campbell Design

Boat Type:
Yonca Onuk MRTP 20

Owner: Turkish Coastguard

Date: 2005

Length: 66.9' (20.4m)

Power: 2 x 1630hp diesel

Built By: Yonca Onuk

The MRTP-20 is the latest in Yonca Onuk’s successful ongoing series of high performance MRTP (Mult-Role Tactical Platform) craft. Speeds of over 60 knots are achieved, coupled with very good seakeeping and handling. I work with Yonca Onuk’s design office and design the steps and spray rails for their hulls plus other aspects of hull shape and performance. I have been working with Yonca Onuk for over 20 years and it has been a very satisfying and positive relationship.



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