Sea Sled Dive Tender

Boat Type: Sea Sled Dive Tender

Owner: Kuwait Navy

Date: 2004

Length: 42.0' (12.8m)

Power: 2 x 315hp diesel

Builder: Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd

This relatively large workboat was required to function with small engines but, nevertheless, carry a good payload. She also had to have waterjet propulsion for shallow water and diver safety. I am a great believer in the Sea Sled shape for carrying loads on the plane but the shape does swallow considerable amounts of air under the hull which is death to the functioning of waterjets. A central pod was added to get over the problem and the lines were also modified to allow efficient low speed running when off the plane.

The objectives were achieved and the craft handled well. I believe the Sea Sled is a better shape than the more familiar catamaran for giving a stable platform and carrying loads on the plane. Cats are fine when relatively light but draught increases rapidly with load and drag increases – particularly if the bridge deck hits the water.



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