Lorne Campbell Design

Boat Name:

Owner: Navatek Ltd

Date: 2005

Length: 34.8' (10.6m)

Power: 2 x 250hp Evinrude

Built By: Navatek Ltd

A working RIB based on the Bladerunner 35 hull, the Mosquito was built by Navatek Ltd in Hawaii as a research boat and demonstrator. The semi-RIB layout gives tremendous load space and the performance in a seaway coupled with great static stability which allows a large number of passengers to stand along the gunwale at the same time, makes her an ideal boarding boat amongst other duties. Navatek conduct research into a large number of unusual hull forms plus foils, interceptors and lifting bodies – often using sophisticated electronic ride control systems – and, in conjunction with ICE Marine, the Bladerunner AEM type is part of their portfolio.



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